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Our Services

Customer Support

We offer outstanding customer support. You can contact us with questions via our contact page.

Website Design and Hosting

Looking for a website tailored to your needs and managed for you? You are in the right place.

Computer Troubleshooting

Having issues with your computer that you can't seem to fix? Call us and we will diagnose the problem.

Software Installation

We can install the complex software that doesn't seem to work, or even re-install your Operating System to give you a fresh start on your computer.

Transfer Data

Transferring data between your old computer and new computer is a daunting task. We will happily do this service for you to make switching computers that much easier.


With our knowledge of computer parts, we can help you find and install the correct part for your device.

Virus Removal

With pesky viruses slowing your computer, it seems that you can't get anything done without an ad showing up. Contact us to get your computer running quickly and efficiently again.

Computer Builds

Looking for a new computer? Stop overpaying and let us help you tailor a computer specifically to your needs.

and more...

With years of experience building websites, we are sure to make you one you will be proud of!

With contact forms built into your websites, you protect your information, and never have to give out a personal email.